Intimidating intro songs

A great walk-up song has the power to get fans up on their feet, maybe intimidate the pitcher and make that long walk from the on-deck circle to the batter's box a walk that inspires confidence and a bit of swagger.

While some players opt for viral guilty pleasures, an unexpected slow jam or the not-so-subtly smug, most players pick beats that get their adrenaline going and the crowd jumping, making them perfect for cardio or HIIT workouts.

Later, the two performed “Shutdown” together at London’s Wireless festival in the summer of 2015.

The walk-up song is a time-honored tradition in Major League Baseball, offering players a brief moment in the big game to express themselves—and oftentimes their culture or state—by way of song.

This ranking is based on a variety of criteria, including the quality of the song itself and the originality of the choice.

I included a couple not named on the master list that I confirmed with my own ears by hearing them at ballparks. Originale/status/571684960479907840 The song dropped just 4 days after Skepta was featured in Kanye West’s performance of “All Day” at the 2015 Brit Awards.Drake, who thanked Skepta in the album credits, is sampled on the track’s intro and outro skits.But in May 2013, he didn't merely have "No Worries" by Lil Wayne play over the PA - he had the rapper perform it live.In a career that spanned from 1978-1993, Renaldo Snipes won 39 fights, and one of his songs of choice when entering the ring was this Frank Sinatra classic.