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PPC advertising is an arrangement in which webmasters (operators of websites), acting as publishers, display clickable links from advertisers in exchange for a charge per click.As this industry evolved, a number of advertising networks developed, which acted as middlemen between these two groups (publishers and advertisers).It's so unfair for them to have such discretion in auto-renewing their members with no possibility in getting a refund if you're not using the site anymore.

I then asked for a partial refund and was told "no" that I wasn't eligible.The largest of the advertising networks, Google's Ad Words/Ad Sense and Yahoo!Dirk Smeesters had spent several years of his career as a social psychologist at Erasmus University in Rotterdam studying how consumers behaved in different situations. How did death-related stories in the media affect how people picked products?"We have to be open about the problems that exist in psychology and understand that, though they're not unique to psychology, that doesn't mean we shouldn't be addressing them.It's virtually impossible to get a refund from these people.

Dating sites unethical dishonest fake profiles