Spb shell 3d weather not updating

SPB Software has announced the release of SPB Mobile Shell 5.0, bringing with it more 3D applications for Media, photos, weather and widgets and improved social networking integration for Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

The interaction between user and software has also been greatly improved via the “Natural Interaction Engine” which includes support for G-Sensors and multitouch.

Plus there's a variety of new widget which include - no joke - a 3D flying blimp that trails a flapping photo from your gallery behind it.

(If you put a battery widget right next to it, you can watch your power drain in real time!

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The former means support for new types of eye candy effects such as 3D Media Player, 3D Photo Viewer, 3D Weather, dynamic 3D widgets and more, while the latter involves message, contacts, photo and status sync with popular services, namely Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

One important innovation in SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 is the Natural Interaction Engine which includes support for G-sensor and multitouch, a dedicated Feedback Engine providing realistic visual and haptic responses, and a Physics Engine responsible for the real-world behavior of all objects.

********* PICTURE HERE ********* SPB Mobile Shell has been publicly recognized as the best-selling mobile application across all smartphone platforms for three consecutive years: 2007, 20.

The latest update, to Beta version 1.6.0, adds a dazzling amount of new features.

Granted, most of these are eye candy - something that TSF never lacked in the first place - but a few of them are genuinely useful.