Intimidating girl quotes

To know yet to think that one does not know is best; Not to know yet to think that one knowswill lead to difficulty.- Lao Tzu Related topics: Wisdom Live-By What we think, we become. With our thoughts, we make the world.- The Buddha Self-respect is not a function of size, age, or wealth.

On the other hand, good-looking stalkers are never called “stalkers”, and hence termed as “admirers”. Although this sounds a bit impossible (especially for the guys), it will certainly touch your heart to hear somebody say that they have only set your eyes on you.

That security is the best gift you can give your boyfriend.

These subtle but effective hints can also take your relationship to a more intimate level and your partnership will be stronger.

F*** that.” Goulding doesn’t let it get her down - but that’s probably because she’s a famous pop star. Friends tell me the thought of men staring at them has put them off trying anything but the treadmill in the gym.

Some avoid the place altogether because they feel embarrassed by men seeing them in tight lycra.