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— Billy Eichner’s character Billy Epstein’s boyfriend. Anyway, John Cho’s (very attractive) advertising-executive character named Todd is “as much of a dick as Billy and Julie.” He and Billy connect after a (very sexy) prank war, and the season will follow their (steamy) attempts to figure out how to make a real relationship work.

I even had dinner with Karen Gillan a couple of nights ago, in fact." tonight—a role that Mindy Kaling wrote with John in mind. I think actors must on some level enjoy that kind of serial monogamy. John: I was learning to be the cut up or the clown. There's so many actors, and that's what they want to do because the hours are good for auditions. I know it's an old joke that women get their husbands to go to therapy, but men don't talk enough about it. Truth be told, John Cho and I went on our On A Date a few months ago. Glamour: Well, selfishly I now get to go on technically two dates with you, so this works in my favor. I've been following her for a long time, and she's a hero of mine. John: She wrote a nice letter, and I said "Absolutely." I'm real easy! I thought that seemed appropriate given my past acting credits. Glamour: She said there's a chance that your character might come back for additional episodes. I feel like it led to a feeling of instability that I've been chasing all my adult life. It's bittersweet because ending the job and beginning a new job, they're both tough. John: We met at UC Berkeley and dated later when we both came to L. We talked about everything and anything, and as I was working late one Friday night putting the final touches on this piece, word came down from ABC that (the sitcom starring Cho and Karen Gillan) was canceled. Cho, who I caught up with last week as he was trudging through the snow at Sundance, echoed my sentiment: "I was surprised because I felt very strongly about its quality—not that that has a correlation to whether a show survives. In the grand scheme of things, I guess that's how the world works, but I'm sad about it. But let's talk about tonight's episode of . I compensate for that by being the new kid at school all the time in my professional life. But what's interesting about acting is you get to know each other and have an intense period of intimacy and then you say goodbye. And you actually used your degree to go teach English in a private school in West Hollywood, right? Glamour: Before you came to Los Angeles you lived in Seattle and Houston and a few other cities in California. John: That's a question for my therapist, really. John: My wife was confident in a way that I was very attracted to. It's beautiful when you see a person who's self-assured and knows who she is. It seemed like a good vibe there, so I would love to. ) on Sunset Boulevard in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. I was so unsettled at that age and so scatterbrained. We had it in Northern California on New Year's Eve.